Art of Interiors: Wooden Flooring as a Canvas for Designers

Interior design is an art that turns spaces into stories, and the canvas for these stories is often the flooring that we choose. Wooden flooring, with its inherent beauty and versatility, has become a favorite medium for designers seeking to create harmonious and elegant interiors.

The Aesthetic Versatility of Wooden Flooring:

Wooden flooring offers an unmatched diversity of textures, colors, and finishes, enabling designers to tailor each space to the occupant’s tastes and the home’s character. Whether it’s the rustic charm of hand-scraped oak or the sleek polish of bamboo, wooden flooring can set the tone for a room’s entire design.

Transformative Impact of DeFloors’ Wooden Flooring:

DeFloors has witnessed the transformative impact of our wooden flooring selections in homes across the country. With each plank, room aesthetics are elevated, turning ordinary spaces into luxurious settings. Our flooring options serve as a foundation for design, where functionality meets artistry.

Case Studies:

One case study involves a mid-century modern home where DeFloors’ engineered hardwood flooring brought warmth and cohesion to an open-plan layout. In another, a chic urban apartment featured our high-gloss laminate flooring to reflect light and amplify the sense of space.

Designer Tips for Wooden Flooring Selection:

For interior designers, selecting the perfect wooden flooring is a careful consideration. We suggest considering the room’s function, the lighting, and the furniture when choosing the type and shade of wood. DeFloors offers samples and expert consultations to help make these decisions easier and ensure that the final selection complements all aspects of the room’s design.


The role of wooden flooring in interior design goes beyond mere functionality. It is an essential aspect that reflects the designer’s vision and the inhabitants’ lifestyle. At DeFloors, we are proud to provide a range of wooden flooring that serves as the starting point for countless design stories, helping interior designers bring their visions to life.

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