Commercial Wooden Flooring

In commercial settings, wooden flooring must withstand high foot traffic and frequent use while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. It plays a vital role in creating an inviting yet professional atmosphere in business environments like offices, retail spaces, and hospitality sectors.

Types of Commercial Wooden Flooring

  • Laminated Wooden Flooring:
    • Features: Built to endure heavy foot traffic. Resistant to scratches, fading, and stains. Easy to clean, making it ideal for busy commercial spaces.
    • Patterns & Styles: Offers a professional look with a variety of choices, from subtle wood grains to more pronounced patterns, suitable for offices, showrooms, and hospitality areas.
  • Engineered Wooden Flooring:
    • Features: Offers the elegance of solid wood with added durability. Suitable for areas with varying humidity and temperature.
    • Patterns & Styles: Wide range of finishes from sleek and modern to traditional, ideal for creating a specific ambiance in corporate environments or boutique spaces.
  • SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) Flooring:
    • Features: Extremely tough and water-resistant, suitable for high-traffic areas. Offers sound dampening qualities, beneficial in noisy environments.
    • Patterns & Styles: Mimics the look of hardwood or stone, fitting for a variety of commercial settings, from retail outlets to restaurants.
  • Decking & Cladding:
    • Features: Offers durability and resistance to heavy use and outdoor elements. Low maintenance, withstanding the rigors of commercial use.

Patterns & Styles: Provides a natural, aesthetic appeal for outdoor commercial spaces like cafes, outdoor lounges, or exterior cladding for a distinctive look.